Greenhouse growing is no more difficult or simple than growing in an outdoor garden. The main difference is that in a greenhouse, you have more control over the light, temperature, humidity, moisture, drainage and fertility levels.   There is a lot to tend to when growing your garden in a greenhouse.

Greenhouses are notoriously warm. On a sunny day, even at freezing temperatures, greenhouse air can heat up well beyond healthful levels.  Anything you can do to reduce the amount of heat in your greenhouse helps- and that’s where MAX Grow Lights comes in.


Our LED grow lights are perfect for greenhouse gardens because they give off little to no heat at all.  Regardless of the length of time they are operating, MAX lights remain cool to the touch, greatly reducing the amount of heat in your greenhouse. This makes it much easier to control the temperature. 

It’s always a good idea to do some research on the temperature requirements of your plants before installing cooling or heating systems.  This will help save you additional money so you can purchase the correct size equipment for to maintain the temperature you will need.

Another key feature of our LED grow lights is that they can be used throughout the entire growing process, from seed to harvest on any plant, including cannabis, without needing to be switched out midway. 

LED Grow Lights- Read What Others Have To Say About MAX says, “Eco-Lite’s light emitting diode (LED) fixtures are a tremendous advancement in the field of indoor horticultural lighting and will bring your garden out of the dark ages!”

Jim Landers, President, Survive Green adds, “At Survive Green, a high end organic nutrients company, we have tested almost every LED grow light there is.  We found that the Max600 LED grow light from MAX Grow Lights outperforms any other LED Grow light.  In our opinion, MAX Grow Lights are not only the best LED grow light we have seen, but it is the best option for greenhouses and indoor growers…hands down.”

Our LED grow lights are manufactured in the US by Eco-Lite Products, a specialty lighting manufacturer for over 30 years. The Max Grow 200, 400 and 600 LED lighting products offers you the flexibility to customize any grow room or greenhouse garden with light that best fits your needs.

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