Indoor and greenhouse growers have a long list of products to choose from to set up their indoor garden.  Lights, cooling systems, nutrients, fans, wires, etc. You name it and most gardeners have probably purchased it in hopes of growing the most plentiful garden. When it comes to choosing the right grow lights for your garden, don’t chance it.  Hear what the experts have to say about HPS versus LED grow lights before you make a decision that could cost you.  


Many growers rely on HPS lamps to provide supplemental lighting for their greenhouse or indoor garden.  If you haven’t considered LED lights yet, now is the time.  In an article written by, the authors state, “…light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have the potential to offer higher energy efficiencies, a longer lifetime and precise wavelength specificity that can eliminate wavelength emissions that are not used for photosynthesis.”[1]

In this same article, the authors set up a study “to determine how plugs of ten bedding plant species grown under LEDs producing specific combinations of wavelengths would compare to those grown under traditional HPS lamps.”  One of their objectives was to “determine if light from LEDs of varying wavelengths would affect plug growth and quality when compared to plugs grown under HPS lamps.”  After 28 days, the study concluded that plug quality was better under LED lights versus HPS lamps.

“…plug quality of snapdragon, begonia, vinca, impatiens, petunia and marigold was statistically higher under the 85:15 red:blue LEDs. Although there were differences between species, plugs were generally more compact, sturdier and greener, and had thicker stems and higher dry mass than those grown under HPS lamps. For salvia and zonal geranium, plug quality was highest under the 70:30 red:blue LEDs. Pansy plants under the 100:0 red:blue LEDs were generally more compact and had thicker stems and higher dry mass than those grown under the HPS lamps.”

At MAX Grow Lights we have heard numerous success stories from our own clients who have made the switch from HPS lamps to our LED grow lights.  Companies like MyGrowPonics and Survive Green, to name a few, are loving the results of LED technology. 

“After several tests with other grow lights, we found a favorite in the Max600 from MAX Grow Lights.  Not only did our test plants thrive under the Max600, with all nutrients tested, but they were also a huge money saver on our electric bills.  When it comes to it, MAX Grow Lights are the best choice out there on the market.”
Sheila Keller, Director of Marketing, MyGrowPonics

“At Survive Green, a high end organic nutrients company, we have tested almost every LED grow light there is.  We found that the Max600 LED grow light from MAX Grow Lights outperforms any other LED Grow light.  In our opinion, MAX Grow Lights are not only the best LED grow light we have seen, but it is the best option for greenhouses and indoor growers…hands down.”
Jim Landers, President, Survive Green

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