As the one of the newest grow light technologies on the market, LED lights are lesser known in the indoor growing community. This is a shame because LED lights can actually be much easier to use than other more utilized options. One of the most glaring benefits of using LED grow lights for indoor gardening is that they can be used for the entire grow cycle. Most growers will keep their plants in a vegetative state with specific lighting requirements, when the plant is ready to start flowering they will transfer all of the pots, remove the trellises and move all of the plants into another room outfitted with lights ready to promote a flowering phase of growth.


Both the plants and the growers will experience countless benefits from this grow light revelation. Cutting out the need to move crops when cycles change cuts down an immense amount of labor for the grower which will allow other areas of the operation to receive more attention. The plants also appreciate staying still throughout their cycle, moving into different rooms can cause stress that will hinder the harvest and cause the grower to put in more time trying to bring the stressed plants back. Plants that have remained in the same tray from veg to flower will be stronger and have the energy to create a well developed, well rounded harvest. This is why LED light companies like ProMax Grow are urging growers to try an entire cycle with their noiseless, cool to the touch light systems.