• The Pro MAX Grow line of LED grow lights was designed based upon the principles developed by scientists to grow plants in space. Our lights do not simply use blue and red spectrums of light but use a full spectrum of light which has been determined to be needed for healthy plant growth. With the addition of added spectrums of light our Pro MAX Grow produce a whiter light that is beneficial for growth and vegetation.
  • We use the most advanced LED diodes on the market which are custom binned to provide the correct spectrums of light. Our advanced diodes are significantly more efficient than diodes found in other grow lights enabling us to produce more usable light power while drawing less wattage than LED grow light fixtures that draw much higher wattage.
  • Our electrical engineers designed our grow lights to operate with precise efficiency. We do not require external fans or other heat dissipating devices to make our grow lights run as cool as they do. The low wattage, low heat aspect of these lights yields considerable energy savings over other LED grow lights.
  • Many grow lights require one fixture for growth and another for flowering/vegetation or the constant turning of switches to change from one spectrum of light to another. Our advanced diodes integrate the necessary light waves required for both growth and flowering/vegetation so that one of our Max 600 or 1200 grow lights is all you need for growth and flowering.
  • The Pro MAX Grow Lights series was designed to produce high yields. Most LED grow lights focus on creating maximum light and PAR readings directly underneath the middle of the light in the center of the grow area ignoring the entire grow space. The center reading would be relevant if only one plant was being grown. Our MAX series was designed to provide the highest PAR readings per watt through the entire grow area; not just the center of it. Due to this design we can accomplish a REAL grow area of 4’ x 4’.
  • Our 4’ x 4’ grow area permits multiple plants to be grown at once using just one of our MAX grow lights.  We can easily grow up to 12 plants at one time using one MAX Grow 600 fixture costing $1159.00 which makes the very important cost per plant yield significantly less than comparable LED grow lights costing $1,200.00, $1,400.00 or even $1,600.00 !!
  • Our Pro MAX Grow series are professional grade fixtures meaning they are designed using high quality components meant to perform and last. The money that goes into creating our Pro MAX Grow Lights was not spent on adding multiple fancy looking knobs or wild eye catching paint. The bulk of our production costs go towards our superior LED diodes and top tier power source which are what counts.
  • The full spectrum of our diodes produces a whiter light which permits an evaluation of the plants health without having to turn off our light or remove the plants for their grow areas. Grow lights relying solely on red or blue lights do not permit an evaluation of plant health when viewed under those colored lights and require that either the LED grow light is turned off and another light is shined to view the plants or the plants themselves have to be removed from the grow area to evaluate plant health under other lighting.
  • The Pro MAX Grow Lights series is a true “plug and play” – simply take it out of the box – attach the chains which are included to any hook, set it at your desired height, plug it in and you are growing.