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Over 30 years ago Eco-Lite began manufacturing specialty lighting. Manufacturing fixtures using fluorescent and halogen lighting technology was the norm back then. With the advent of high pressure sodium, metal halide and then ceramic metal halide lighting, we were able to manufacture more powerful lighting with crisper and more accurate color. The newest technology that permits powerful crisp accurate color is LEDs. LEDs have been used for almost as long as we’ve been in business. The first real use of LEDs was on the 1984 Corvette, which had a LED brake light.

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Eco-Lite has long been a pioneer in the specialty lighting world and today creates LED lighting for the jewelry, optical, salon, gallery and retail clothing industries. Our engineers and lighting professionals have produced lighting that can be found in the most prestigious jewelry stores in the world, the finest optical stores, salons and spas in the nation and in retail clothing locations in the US, Caribbean and Europe.

As LEDs have slowly but surely become more technologically advanced, Eco-Lite and its engineers have been there every step of the way designing and testing lighting utilizing LEDs.

Whether you want to outfit your commercial growing facility or grow veggies in the basement or greenhouse nothing works better than the Pro MAX Grow Lights ™ LEDs.


When it comes to experiential knowledge, Scott Newell is packing major heat. Whether it is in the arena of manufacturing, retail or marketing, Newell has been there and succeeded at that. The professional got his start founding The Clip Company, a sales and marketing firm that focused on the mobile telephone industry before cell phones were a regular concept. In this job he was able to acquire valuable experience building retail relationships with major CE Big Box stores such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy as well as international business relationships with manufacturers in China, Taiwan and Korea. In his 16 years of expansion within The Clip Company Scott Newell was mainly in charge of sales forecasting, marketing, pricing, business development and sourcing. 13 years into The Clip Company Newell added cliphanger.com to his resume. Utilizing his experience in the rapidly expanding cell phone industry Newell saw that the market had a need for cell phone accessory products so he co-founded Cliphanger.com, a USA plastic injection molding manufacturer that creates cell phone accessories.

During the almost decade run of Cliphanger.com Newell has appeared on QVC as a guest host 50+ times which is one of the many reasons that the online retailer grew to $2 million of sales in only one year of operation. Scott Newell has a deep understanding of the rapid progression of a hot market and his track record in the cell phone industry highlights his ability to understand the right steps that should be made to reach success.