Medical Marijuana LED Grow Lights

Pro MAX Grow is pleased to serve the medical marijuana community with our full spectrum of indoor LED lighting. We work with professional growers and medical marijuana dispensaries across the country supplying them with the highest quality indoor lighting for growing cannabis and other plants.

We have a variety of different sized LED lights suitable for growing medical marijuana in small or more spacious settings. Because Pro MAX Grow Lights do not produce heat, indoor growers enjoy a considerable savings on their energy bill. These self-cooling lights also eliminate the need for expensive air conditioning, fans and other cooling systems. This alone will save you thousands of dollars each year.

Full Spectrum Lighting

Engineered for superior growth, the Pro MAX Grow line of medical marijuana LED grow lights was designed based upon the principles developed scientists to grow plants in space. Our lights do not simply use blue and red spectrum’s of light but use a full spectrum of light, which has been determined is needed for healthy plant growth. With the addition of added spectrum’s of light our MAX grow lights produce a brighter light that is beneficial for growth and vegetation.

We use the most advanced LED diodes on the market that are custom binned to provide the correct spectrums of light. Our advanced diodes are significantly more efficient than diodes found in other grow lights enabling us to produce more usable light power while drawing less wattage than LED grow light fixtures that draw much higher wattage.

Pro MAX Grow Lights are the safest, most economical choice for growing medical marijuana. You’ll get significantly more for your dollar with our high yield, low electricity LED grow lights. Plus, all of our products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and a 5-year limited warranty.